Bergrivier Municipality

Thanks to the West Coast Regional Tourism Organisation for the map

The Bergrivier region is named after one of the major rivers of the Western Cape. The river is the main water source for the numerous wine farms along its banks. The inland towns stand at the foot of the towering Piketberg mountains in the middle of rolling fields of wheat, green vineyards, fallow land and flowering yellow canola.

Grants Awarded

Two projects were approved for the amount of R 5000.00 each,
one under the focus area of youth development and another one under education.

  • •Wesland Idea Truck
  • •Goedverwacht Entertainers
  • •BADISA Porterville
  • •Goedverwacht Tourism

Best Project in the Bergrivier Area

A Goedverwacht Tourism

Goedverwacht is a small Moravian Station with a rich cultural historical heritage and is situated in a fertile valley and boasts beautiful historical buildings, including a Mission Store, water mill, an arts & craft centre and overnight accommodation. Agri-Tourism is one part of the whole functioning within this project. They are currently operating from an old building that they renovated with the profits that they generated from the sale of their products.

They sell home cooked jams, bottled vegetables, buchu water and a unique buchu juice. They master the art of pressing buchu with a distiller and use the water to sell and to make their unique buchu juice.

They are 3 women who manage the whole project and they buy the vegetables and buchu from the local community. They have established a good market for their products and their products are in big demand. This project has the ability to expand and to provide more jobs for the local community.

WCCF has supported this initiative from the beginning with start-up capital