Cederberg Municipality

The region offers a rich natural heritage, fruit-filled valleys and towering mountains.   The beautiful Olifants River Valley, with its snaking irrigation canals, sustains a large citrus industry which is a hive of activity during the winter harvest time. This is also Rooibos tea country, being the only place in the world where the bush, producing this healthy beverage, is grown.

Best Project in the Cederberg Area for the past 2 years

Masizame Bricks
Elands Bay is a small fishing town in the Cederberg Municipal Area. The project started in October 2005 to create jobs for 6 families and provide an income for them. They saw a niche in the market to manufacture low cost blocks and to provide bricks in their impoverished community. They were able to negotiate a contract with the local Municipality to provide bricks for a housing project. They are only one of the 2 brick manufacturers in the Cederberg Municipal Area

Grants Awarded

  • Eureka Kleinboere Vereniging
  • Elandsbaai Goat Farmers
  • Masizame Bricks