Siyabonga – Huis van Danksegging

Siyabonga – Huis van Danksegging

Goal and focus of your organisation:

Summary of what the main goal and Focus of your organization is.

Siyabonga strives to improving lives threw caring. Slogan: Caring is our Passion

a. To support community development in the area of Saldanha Bay Municipality area.

b. To run 4 projects with their programs accordingly.

c.Health program:
-Intermediate Care (step-down facility)
-Huis Isabella for adults with Intellectual Disabilities
-Emergency accommodation

d. Disability programs:
-Huis Cornelius facility for adults with disabilities
-Sisonke Protective workshop for youth with disabilities
-2Care Day Care for persons with disabilities
-Special kids Centre for children with disabilities
-Represent on the West Coast Disability Forum

e. Family Preservation Program:
-Family & Community motivators program
-Huis Hadassa – place of safety for vulnerable children
-Victim Empowerment and shelter for abuse women and children

f. Education:
-Pikanini Early Childhood Development Centre
-Pikanini Gr R for vulnerable children
-LearnWell After care for vulnerable children

Siyabonga – Huis van Danksegging (Shorten name: Siyabonga) was started in August 2005 due to the need for residential care for the sick and persons with disabilities. Professional nurse and founder of Siyabonga, Chrisna du Plessis identified the need for care when she managed a primary health clinic in St. Helena Bay during 1998 till 2005. Poverty and ill health was a daily struggle for this affected and defected vulnerable groups to survive.

Siyabonga has had, over the past 10 years, a very successful track record in supporting the previously disadvantaged communities in health, disability, Children and families and Education. Our vision is to be leaders in the NGO sector by promoting and enhancing quality of life.

Siyabonga is situated 1km outside Vredenburg on our own 6ha piece of land. None of the programs are duplication in the community. Siyabonga is also the only NGO running a very needy Intermediate Care Facility in the West Coast area. Other programs includes homes for persons with disabilities, Child and Youth Care Centre, Shelter for abused women and children, Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD) with inclusive education and a Protective workshop for Youth with disabilities.A range of employees are part of the Siyabonga team, which include professional nurses, social workers, home base carers, Child and youth care workers and ECD Practitioners.

Currently Siyabonga feeds 222 beneficiaries 3 meals per day, provide 24hour shelter to 110 people per day, transport more than 15 000km per month and spend R420 000 on salaries per month. Siyabonga believes in job creation, and provides an income to 160 families per month. Current objectives in the organization are to improve the monitor and evaluation plan, reach strategic goals, and to strengthen relationship with funders and network partners.

Success Story end Testimonials:

  • Patricia’s* whole life did tumble down without warning. She was the mother of a 2month old baby girl. She moved from Kwazulu Natal, to be with the father of her first born. All she wanted was to be loved and supported by him. She did not expect numerous argues, physical abuse and emotional breakdowns from him. He changed so much from the loving boyfriend he was. One night after she was beaten heavily, she gave up her fight for life and those of their little girl. She handed her baby over to Social Development to be placed in foster care. She could not cope anymore.She was placed into the loving hands of Siyabonga shelter for abused women. After nurturing and counseling sessions by the staff of the centre, Patricia could face the world again. Hear tears did flow daily for missing her baby. She could not forgive herself. Siyabonga appointed her in the laundry to keep her busy, and to have a small income. With the assistance of the Social Worker, Patricia did receive her baby back into her care within 2 month. What a happy day it was I remember, when Patricia and baby left on a bus to their homeland to be united in the safety of their family.Also share some testimonies of people who said something about your work. “ My child with disability was just laying at home. Alone. Never received any stimulation for development. But now he laughs, communicates in his own way and is part of the family. Thank you to Siyabonga Special Day care centre for children with disabilities for your excellent work and support” – Tracy Luddick – Mother of a child with disabilities “If it was not for Siyabonga Shelter for abused women, I would not have a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in and food in my mouth. So many things happened to me, but here I found safety and trust” – Xoliswa Sompuku “Siyabonga’s staff did stole my heart” – Jacobus Cordier – resident of Huis Cornelius for Persons with disabilities shared at the 2015 Annual General Meeting “Children from dysfunctional families admitted into Huis Hadassa – Place of Safety do not even make eye contact. But when they leave Huis Hadassa, they learned how to hug and show their feelings which is heart touching” – Social Worker

Link to WCCF:

One of the reasons for Siyabonga’s successes are our Networking and Partnerships.  Siyabonga believes in sharing information, knowledge, expertise and resources as assistance for new upcoming NGO’s and partners.  In the NGO sector, it happens that organizations work in silo’s and do not want to share information which they feel can lead to competition.  Siyabonga is living proof that sharing leads to receiving.  Siyabonga network with organizations which has the capability also to invest growth into Siyabonga.  The same with funders.  They invest into organizations where they receive something back e.g. marketing, BBBEE score or comply within social investment responsibilities.  With the WCCF partnership, we as organization receive training opportunities in various topics which strengthen and empower organizations in our work, capacity building, networking opportunities and grant making opportunities, which make a real difference to the lives of the most vulnerable sectors of our communities. Siyabonga is assisted by the expertise of the WCCF which are able to commit resources to our programs in a way that their assistance guarantees results.   For this Siyabonga is grateful for the positive growth and development of its programs focusing on community development.

Body text:

I always tell new employees and volunteers to grow with Siyabonga. Walk the road with us. Currently salaries are perhaps not what they expect, and benefits are few. But what they will get back is:  Personal growth and development  Work satisfaction  Immediate results of inputs and duties  Opportunities to live out own ideas in the workplace  Be part of a caring team Partners and funders can always rely on the support and assistance of Siyabonga. We believe in together we can care more, and that every hand which reach out to Siyabonga for help, must be touched.

To invest into Siyabonga, funders will receive back:

-Grown on their investment
-Marketing and Public acknowledgement
-TAX Receipt as PBO
-High BBBE score – 96% of Siyabonga’s beneficiaries are black
-Provide services in Health, Disability, Children and families and Education – Fields that are welcomed by Funders
-Sound financial statements and programs
-Dedicated Governance to lead and guide the organization
-Annually strategic planning sessions according to SWOT analysis
-Intern Monitor & Evaluate Plan according to the Logic Model.

Benefits for Beneficiaries:

-All service is free, or consist of a minimum service fee
-No discrimination against race, religion or gender.
-The needs and comfort of the beneficiaries comes first
-All programs work according to the Norms and Standards set by Government departments
-Regular Monitor and Evaluate visits by Government Departments and funders to ensure quality service delivery Call to Action:

Pablo Picasso said once: “Action is the foundational key to all Successes” This takes me back 10 years ago. When I received my calling in a small fishing community, I was so overwhelmed about what was expected from me. My first action was TRUST. Now I have to put Trust in God, Trust in our fellow man, and trust in the community. And also they must TRUST me!!! My call for action to all funders and donors now is: ACT NOW by plugging into the wonderful Trust relationship Siyabonga build up with the Community and other Network partners and funders. Act now by investing and be part of the passionate deeds and outcomes of Siyabonga’s life changing programs. Let Siyabonga be your hands and feet on the ground. Success is not always about money and what you have, but it can be measured in small action of kindness, end-of-life support and in the laughter of a child.



Contact Details:

T: 022-7135730
F: 022-7131894