Riverlands Primary School

Riverlands Primary School

Goal and focus of your organisation:

Education and community development. Empowering community and youth to take their place in society.

Short description of your work:

  1. As a school, our main focus is education. We see it as an aim to educate our whole community and striving to start a culture of learning. We try our utmost best to help creating facilities for a crèche and establishing aftercare and Basic Adult classes. We want to link with West Coast College.

Success Story end Testimonials:

  • As rural school we are proud to announce that for the past years our school produced some of the top students at Schoonspruit Secondary. In 2010, 3 of the top students of Schoonspruit were from Riverlands. (One is studying as a teacher, one is busy in Kirstenbosch and one is doing Civil Engineering).  One of our learners attended Atlantis School of Skills and started his own catering business. 2014 – The 2 top students were also from Riverlands. Both are currently at University. One of our students is a Lab Manager at University of Stellenbosch. She was offered a job when she finished her studies there.

Link to WCCF:

WCCF is synonymous with Riverlands Primary. They were assisting the school by bringing out their first Anthology “ Die Dassies se versies.” The donated material which the school used to make curtains, tablecloths and school bags for some kids. We also made HIV / AIDS holders for pamphlets. WCCF played a major role that 3 massive trees were cut down. That would put us in a position to level the ground and to assist with erecting a hall.

Body text:

Do you really want to invest in a community organisation and be sure that money of human capital is not wasted? If yes is the answer, I can assure you Riverlands Primary is the answer. The place where things is happening. One of our teachers were a runner up in the provincial NTA (National Teacher’s Awards) and the principal was rewarded The Community Builder of the Year award by WCCF. In 2010 15 of our kids were in the CAMI Maths final with most of them in the Top 10.



Contact Details:

Physical Address

Riverlands Drive




* Postal Address

P.O.Box 226




‘ 022 481 3759 (Tel)

6 086 611 9671 (Fax)

: admin@riverlandsps.wcape.school.za (email)

083 378 7879 (Cell – Principal)