Food Bank Malmesbury (137-295)

Food Bank Malmesbury (137-295)

Goal and focus of your organisation:

Food Bank Malmesbury is a soup kitchen feeding people in need which is defined by an absence of (healthy) food. The reason of existing of our organisation is the fight against starvation in one of the poorest areas in the Swartland which is characterized by a high unemployment rate and alcoholism. Furthermore there is a focus on a healthy development of the children and youth of this community who we want to support with a warm meal at lunch time.

Goal and focus of your organisation:

Every Monday to Friday we dish a warm meal at lunch time to 30-70 adults who were diagnosed with malnutrition by the local Wesbank clinic and to 30-60 children who have not been able to receive one of the rare spots in a day-care centre.

We also distribute other donations, e.g. clothes and support the local holiday program in the community. Additionally Food Bank Malmesbury cultivates a vegetable garden. Regarding to the principe of sustainability the soup kitchen strives to a self-sufficiency.

Success Story end Testimonials:

  • Food Bank Malmesbury exists for two years now. For a small organization without lots of resources, is that already a success. Furthermore the soup kitchen could extend the food distribution from two times to five times a week.Food Bank Malmesbury shows also an increasing number of collaboration and interactions with other NPO or private persons which support us with regularly donations.For continuing the success story, the soup kitchen will organize a few fundraising events to ensure the financial position and increase the popularity in Malmesbury.

    All in all Food Bank Malmesbury gain a positive encouragement from the community Ilengulethu and the beneficiaries.

Link to WCCF:

Food Bank Malmesbury has not only benefitted from WCCF’s recommendations and generous advice, but also from a small grant in general contribution to the project and funding for office equipment. We are extremely thankful for all of this, because WCCF has helped us during the first steps and the formation of our organization. Furthermore the foundation was a great contact partner during the finishing of our NLDTF application. We are also thankful for the great opportunity to cowork with other organizations which the WCCF made possible and be a part of a great network.

Without them, it all would have been much more difficult. Thanks a lot!

Body text:

We are Food Bank Malmesbury, a small (but steadily growing) NPO in Malmesbury, Swartland Municipality. Our aims are:

  • fighting malnutrition in Ilingelethu, Malmesbury,
  • helping the poor, disabled and sick people and children not going to school yet,
  • supporting the community by organizing holiday programs   and events or participating in the Golden Games, etc.,
  • working in our green vegetable garden
  • planning an aftercare for our community

We do this by cooking a warm meal every Monday to Friday in the kitchen of the Ilingelethu Thusong Service Centre, the facilities are provided by Swartland Municipality. Starting from May 2014 on we have managed to expand our project from cooking twice to five times a week. Together with our funders and support from local companies like Pick’n Pay, Sasko and Raimondi’s we manage to give food to 30-70 adults and 30-60 children daily. Usually it is a mix of soup and rice, samp, pap or pasta, but we try to do something special every day. Throughout the years, our organization and our beneficiaries have become a well-known part of Ilingelethu. Many of the adult people are desperate and in need of basic help – we want to give them the strength to make a new start in their lives. Our donors are familiar with what we do, they sometimes visit us or we send them photos of the dishing or our work in the vegetable garden. In addition to the voluntary work in the organization our cooks learn how to grow cabbage, carrots, potatoes and many other healthy ingredients for our soups there. It is our aim to make Food Bank Malmesbury sustainable and independent from international funding. Therefore we are looking for local and national donors. We want to be an organization from the community for the community. It is our goal that one day, our work will not be necessary anymore. Please help us fighting hunger and poverty by donating time, food, money or anything else to the Food Bank Malmesbury! It will reach those in need.



Contact Details:

Food Bank Malmesbury

Thusong Service Centre


7299 Ilengelethu


Tel. : 073 7630180