Abbotsdale Youth Club

Abbotsdale Youth Club

Goal and focus of your organisation:

Our focus is Youth development in the Abbotsdale community: We would like to educate, motivate,inform and inspire them to make use of every opportunity to develop themselves in life.

Short description of your work:

  1. Arts+ Crafts program , School holidays programs for ages 6-13 years as part of the After school program
  2. Job readiness program , Find work Program or the ages 18 yrs -35

Success Story end Testimonials:

  • We currently have between 40-50 children in our After school program
  • We have about 120 children in our Holiday programs ( 4 times a year in partnership with Swartland Municipality and Goedgedacht Trust )
  • We have 3 ex-volunteers in permanent work in ECD Centres in Abbotsdale and Malmesbury.
  • One volunteer is in her 3rd year with her Ed degree

( She spend her whole gap year with the Youth club volunteering weekly at the after school program )

  • “ The youth club is filling a gap in the community, seeing that there is no healthy, positive after school activities for the children .” Community member
  • Abbotsdale Youth club currently have 5 volunteers for the weekly programs

“ The youth club offers a good supportive space for older youth to develop their confidence and communication skills, it also help them to find themselves while they serve others in the community. The volunteers are challenged to become the positive role models for the younger ones “  Community member

Link to WCCF:

WCCF supported the Youth club with a grant of R2500 for arts + crafts equipment for the After school program in 2013. This made a huge difference in the lives of 60 very active and creative children because this program is a great outlet for all their excess energy. They made thank you cards, book marks, beaded bracelets as gifts for the visitors. The older girls learned to knit at the ages 12 and 13 years and they enjoyed it a lot because it is not something they do at school anymore.

WCCF has agreed to donate a grant of R5000 for the December holiday program for the young people of Abbotsdale. This donation is making it possible for the organization to provide a safe space for the children during the school holidays during the festive season. We can also feed 120 Children one decent cooked meal.

Body text:

I am passionate about helping the children and have grown to love each one of them I believe in their potential and their ability to rise above their circumstances of poverty, abuse, violence, drugs and crime. All our programs are centered on unlocking their potential; building their confidence in such a way that they are will recognize and grab opportunities that will enhance live.

Abbotsdale youth club would like to help the youth in the following way:

  • Help unemployed young people to find work
    • Connect Young people with opportunities that will benefit them
    • Inspire and motivate young children to reach for their dreams

    Benefits from being involve with our organization:

    • The organization have a good reputation in the community and Swartland Area
    • We have integrity and honesty is priority for us
    • Our beneficiaries are of most importance as well as the donors and Building good Personal relationships with them is very important for us
    • Our organization is young, 3 years old with lots of potential for growth and success
    • Donors can grow their name with us as we grow stronger
    • Our organization are working with the Future of our country, young people and children

    Our appeal to you:

    • Please help us with our Aftercare program operational costs
    • Please help develop and fund our  Job search program and youth development program



Contact Details:

Tel nr: 0710838383