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In the 1990s the Goedgedacht Trust, working in the West Coast since 1992, identified a need for a local organisation that could play a role in the West Coast region by supporting the myriad local initiatives at grassroots level that aimed to improve the quality of life of vulnerable members of the community. Through a consultative process the community foundation model was presented to over fifty community organisations in 1999 and they gave Goedgedacht a mandate to proceed with the establishment of the community foundation.

West Coast Community Foundation was incubated by Goedgedacht with management board members acting as volunteers, and was registered as a non profit organisation in 2001. Now, 13 years later, the Foundation is firmly established and performing the activities for which it was set up.

What we do

The WCCF gives grants to local good causes that make a real difference to the lives of the most vulnerable sectors of our community. This is made possible by our generous donors who enabled the Foundation to start the grant making programme in 2005 and to continue to build up our training programmes which strengthen and empower local community organisations in their work.

The Foundation has developed the appropriate expertise that enables us also to be a partner to individuals and organisations that are able to commit resources to community development and charitable cause in the West Coast in a way that guarantees results.

A major thrust of the Foundation’s work is to promote philanthropy and local support for community development initiatives in the West Coast region.

How can you help?

We would like to invite you to support us by becoming a Friend of the Foundation.
You can make a monthly donation of R100 via bank order system.
An added benefit for your contribution is that WCCF will issue a report on your contribution and a tax deductible certificate. You will also receive our newsletter, annual report and invitations to special events.

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